Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Favorite: Don't mess with OPI

Green is my favorite color, Christmas my favorite holiday, and nail polish is one of my favorite things.  Sometimes, something as simple as a new nail polish can change your whole mood.

I love this color! I'm worn it twice already, once for St. Patrick's Day (my 2nd favorite holiday) and then again for Baylor homecoming in November. I'm sure it'll make an appearance for christmas too.

I'm kind of obsessed with nail polishes! I don't kave a huge collection, but I do have bi weekly appointments and I studt uo on the colors and trends. (I love the names) So, the fact that a shade gets worn more than once means its kind of awesome!

Don't mess with OPI will definitely make it into my collection. So find some colors you love, and remember to rock them while you're glossy and on the go!

Today's Lip: Sephora's The Red

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday Truths: UN Treaty on the Rights of the Disabled

Today's post was supposed to be about my experience with my beautiful chocolate lab service dog in training, but in the proxies something much more angry making happened.  This blog is angry.  Hopefully, the angriest I ever have to be here. On Tuesday, the US Congress was presented with an opportunityto ratify the UN treaty on the Rights of Disabled Persons, a treaty based on existing US law and unenforceable in any court.  A symbolic gesture that says, The United States of America believes that persons with disabilities are entitled to basic human rights, Only...We DON'T!!! Congress voted not to ratify the treaty.  Did I mention its based on US law and not enforceable?  Despite these facts, those who voted against it said they feared for US sovereignty.

Please, don't misunderstand, I love my country.  I come from a family of service members, both my grandfathers were veterans and my cousin was even Naval sailor of the year.  I'm fully aware of the fact that I wouldn't have the same quality of life in most other places on the planet, but really?  Failing to ratify a symbolic treaty just because it has UN in the title? I'm going to borrow a line from my Brit friends here and say...bollocks!

Understand, I have roughly $100,000 dollars worth of Political Science education.  I've heard this fear of a one world government stuff before.  I don't pretend to understand it, but I've heard it.  To use this as an excuse not to stand up for the basic human rights, not civic or legal protections, but human rights of 54 million of your own citizens, 1 in 5 Americans is well...bullshit!

I'm an American and more times than not I'm proud of this.  I've had access to a world class education and quality health care. In my life exists a level of inclusion and participation that does not exist for disabled persons in may places.  That said, I do still struggle, with employment as well as accessible and affordable housing and transportation.  All of these things could be addressed through legislation.  Yet, my government has decided I'm not entitled to basic human know? The ones given to me from my creator....Thanks guys, love you too!

Normally, I'm not the type of person to go around screaming about laws and rights. Normally, I live my life overcoming obstacles as I encounter them.  I participate in and encourage people to participate in our system of government.  The fact that my own government can't make a symbolic gesture on my behalf as I continue to struggle to be a productive and contributing citizen makes me angry and sad...So I decided to say so.

It should be noted that every person who voted against ratifying the treaty was a member of the GOP.  I don't say this to be partisan, simply as fact.  They voted against the rights of people who most probably voted for them....because of a headquarters being in Geneva?  Not all of them did of course, kudos to John McCain, but the fact that everyone who did is from the same party speaks volumes and will not be forgotten on my next trip to the ballot box. Most pitiful of all , Bob Dole was there, decorated WWII veteran, esteemed US senator and one time Presidential candidate and leader of the GOP, in a wheelchair to support ratification.  The person who took over his seat voted no...right in front of him...I hope he feels shame!

Wed. Wisdom

"Don't judge a book by its cover"

This is essentially what I intend this blog to be.  A book with a very plain cover can end up being the best book you've ever read. (Classic Brit lit, anyone?)  This is true of people as well.  You may see the different, the wheelchair or the walker and think that this  person can't possibly be interesting or...gasp...have anything in common with you.  You, are missing so much my friend.  While I do know some people with disabilities who use it as a crutch, as an excuse to be cold or unengaged.  Most, are the polar opposite and desire nothing more than a fully experienced and engaged life. Full of the same hopes, dreams, desires and yes, problems and fears of everyone else.

I'm blessed to have grown up in a generation where people with disabilities weren't hidden away in the background.  I went to public schools, restaruants, vacations, and away from home to college.  Anyone who saw me saw the walker or the wheelchair too....Guess what? Most everyone learns to deal!  I have no idea what my life would be like if I weren't disabled, its all I've ever known, but I do know that at various points in my life I've come across amazing people who've accepted me as a person from the first instant.  I feel beyond blessed for these people and the level of inclusion they've allowed me to feel in my life.

People are people. So don't be afraid to say hello.  You may just find your new lipgloss, ready to wear, sports loving new best friend.

Today's Lip: Maybelline's Born with it.

Tuesday Takeaway

I plan on using the Tuesday blog spot for guest bloggers.  I want it to be a spot where the people in my life can share about their experiences. Not that having me in your life is so overwhelmingly amazing (Come on, you know it is!), but perhaps you’ve learned thought about, or experienced something through our relationship (what have you taken away?) that deserves to be shared…this is the place.
I’d love for my friends and family to share about the impact my disability has had or not had on their lives.  All truth, no edits from me.  I know their stories will impact someone and help me tell the truth I’d like to tell from another perspective. Some people I’ve asked have already said yes and I’m so excited to see what they have to say! One person I’d love to write, because I think our friendship gets to the heart of what I’m trying to say would never in a million years.(I’ll keep working on him, I’ve been told I’m charming)  I hope their stories help others as they encounter other glossy and on the go people like me.  Watch this space.

Today's Lip: Lancome's Juicy tubes Sunkissed Bronze

Monday Musings

My random thoughts on random things for this week.

Texas weather is crazy!

Christmas makes me both extremely happy and recently a bit melancholy as well.

Smoking is disgusting and ultimately selfish too.

Cancer is a bitch! It separates loved ones far too soon.

American football is boring…simples

Make sure you have at least one friend who is your friend even though, no one, yourself included, understands why.

If a trip to Starbucks can’t make you feel better about it….it could be a real problem!

People are funny…mostly in that are you serious kind of way!

Dear “K” family, American kids have enough trouble spelling. Spelling everything with a “K” is not helping.

Believe in something…anything…that’s bigger, more important, and longer lasting then yourself.

Today’s Lip: Maybelline Berry slippery with MAC Viva Glam V.