Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Favorites:Salon David

Remember what I said about people being more than what you first think or see.  Well, today is about explaining that just a bit more.  You may think as a young woman with a physical disability in a wheelchair that I’m plain, sickly, unkempt, and boring.  Trust me when I tell you that though I might not be a great beauty I’m none of these things.  I’m very girly and I love beauty and fashion.  Recently, I discovered, though I’m sure it’s not a surprise to some people, that I’m much higher maintenance than I’d like.
In an effort to dispel misconceptions I’m going to tell you about one of my favorite places…Salon David Escape Spa! Yep, you read right, my salon is one of my favorite places.  I’m sure that sounds vain, but the simple truth is it’s not. I’m a girl like any other girl.  Which means, and I’m not trying to stereotype here, I like to feel pretty and I think sometimes I deserve to feel that way!

So let me tell you some of the reasons…let's say 10…why I love it there.

v  It’s a cell phone free zone! That means for the hour…or four that you’re in there no one can get to you. Not your job, husband, wife, kids, bill collectors, no body!

v  Its full service! Hair, nails, skin, massage all in one place. Come in one person leave a more relaxed new one.

v  They’re friendly! I’ve been going there the better part of six years and never once as anyone been rude, snide, or condescending. Something that, in my experience can’t be said for all places. In fact, they only times I haven’t gone were when there were literally no excess room in the budget. I much prefer to just wait, When there was I came straight back!

v  They’re experienced and professional!  If something isn’t going to look right they will tell you. Not once have I seen anyone walk out of there looking a fool.  In fact, I’m always left feeling more refreshed and confident than when I entered.

v  They’re adventurous!  You want zebra print nails or blue extensions? They’re up for that.  More polished or refined….they do that too!

v  They know their clients! No clue what color you want for your nails or what color highlights will look best?  They know you so they’ll point you in the right direction…no pressure. First visit? No worries. That’s what the consultation is for.

v  The coffee is awesome!  I don’t know what it is about that machine, but it must be magic. Go and have George make you a…on second thought…nope…I’m keeping that delicious secret to myself. Prefer wine? They have that too.

v  They specialize and believe in teamwork! From what I can tell, everyone there is really expert at something!  They all can do just about everything, but say what you want on a visit isn’t the particular strong point of your stylist or tech, They’re more than willing to put you in the hands of the person who excels at that…No one walks out looking a fool!

v  It’s got great atmosphere! When I first started going there it had a very Zen like feeling. Now, I think it has a bit of a rock & roll feels to it. Though, I’m not sure if that’s David’s intention. Either way you feel really cocooned in this place removed from all the hassle, and stress outside.

v  It’s totally reasonable!  Have you priced out beauty services lately? Geez! For the atmosphere and quality of service it’s beyond worth it.

Finding a salon is like anything else.  It’s about finding a place where you feel welcome and comfortable, where you enjoy the experience and the people. I wouldn’t trust my hair or my face to any place else.  In fact, anytime in the last 6 yrs I’ve tried…all sorts of wrong.

Call Jennifer today and feel your beautiful, relaxed, de stressed, confident, best for the holidays! Guys, they’ve got gift certificates and spa packages for the ladies in your lives.  Better yet, ladies they have them for the guys in yours!

Today’s lip: Ester Lauder Tiger Eye with Chanel Unity lipgloss over top.











Thursday, November 29, 2012

Truth Time!!

Since I intend this blog to be a place to tell the truth from my perspective and in the process hopefully help others. I thought now might be a good time to tell you some random, but absolute truths about myself.  So, in no particular order…here it goes.

1.       I love Starbucks.

2.       I have a lip gloss addiction.

3.       My favorite part of my life is being an aunt to Lane, Lilly, and Lucas.

4.       I dream of living abroad someday.

5.       I’m proud Baylor University alum.

6.       I’d love to have my own OPI nail polish collection someday (I already have some of the names picked out, Sic em Green & Gold, anyone?)

7.       No matter where I go or what I do, I’ll always be a small town girl.

8.       I love Manchester United!

·         I watch Real Madrid matches, keep an eye on this blog and I’m sure you’ll discover the one and only reason why.

9.       I want to adopt someday.

10.   If I lived in Britain I’d be a Monarchist (I love them and I want Kate’s hair).

11.   I can’t brush my teeth without the water running (I feel guilty about this).

12.   Summer is my season, though I like the idea of fall and winter best.

13.   I would eat Hummus everyday if it were allowed.

14.   I love and follow fashion though I’m not sure I really have a knack for it.

15.   I have a sweet tooth that always seems to get the better or me.

16.   I read 50 Shades of Grey and I liked it.

17.   I love, have studied extensively, and have worked in politics.

18.   The only boy I’ve ever loved and love still is gay.  Therefore, I hope he’s not the only boy I will ever love. The thought of this makes me sad.  (He’s also kind of mean, but really pretty).

19.   I want to learn more about wine & cooking.

20.   I want to vacation in Portugal.

21.   I’m a coffee, tea, and soda drinker (I know better, of course).

22.   I love music.

23.   I’m a child of divorce and someone’s big sister.

24.   I’m seen The Fast & The Furious more times than any girl should ever admit too.

25.   I DO NOT have a head for numbers!

26.   I make fantastic Chicken Mozzarella pasta.

27.   I love the New York Yankees!

28.   I like to entertain, but my apt is too small.

29.   I often wonder if I could make it in NYC.

30.   I’ve never been to Las Vegas.

31.   I love gangster movies.

32.   I like peach or lavender lemonade in the summers.

33.   I’m a sucker for an accent. (Current crush has one.  Probably gay, but not mean and also really pretty).

34.   I believe that Jesus loves me and you too!

35.   I believe that everyone has a story to tell that someone needs to hear….I hope this blog helps me tell mine.

·         Note that nowhere in all of these truths did I say, I have Cerebral Palsy, am in a wheelchair, haven’t finished my Master’s degree and am currently unemployed.  All of these things are also true, and may well be the most obvious things about me, but they do not speak to my personal truth.  I’ll safely venture to say there are at least 35 other, more important things to know about me.  People are so much more than what you see at first glance---This is the biggest truth of all!!!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bus Stop Manners!

Yesterday evening at the bus stop an older lady asked me, “Should we go ahead of you on the bus?”  As in she actually asked me.

Words out of my mouth: “Sure, go ahead. He seems to be letting everyone else on first.”

Thought in my head:  “Why yes. Please. Absolutely! It’s always so polite when people step in front of the girl in the wheelchair just to get on the bus first.” (Insert heavy sarcasm)

Real Truth: It is NEVER okay to step in front of a disabled person just to get on the bus first. Especially when you are “able bodied”.  In fact, its rude, self absorbed and just plain tacky, the kind of thing Karma tends to pay people back for.

Truth in Law: if you are a disabled person using public transit the ADA states that you are allowed to i.e. suppose to go first. J  Just please don’t be rude about it yourself. No one likes a bitchy, chip on their shoulder person!
Today's lip: Clinque's Sweet Honey with Calvin Klein's Tender layered over top.

Monday, November 26, 2012

On JR Ewing & Memories

Over the weekend, we all learnt of the passing of iconic actor Larry Hagman, better know to all as JR Ewing.  Before I thought of his family or the aliments he fought in recent years, before I even thought, "I wonder how many people know he was in I dream of Jeanie." I immediately thought of my own grandma and Fridays watching "Dallas" at her house.

You see, at that point in my childhood my grandparent's house was a respite from the tense environment created from my parent's again failing marriage (it failed twice).  My grandpa would pick me up from school on Fridays and I didn't have to go back until Sunday after dinner.  My grandma would come home from work and make the most awesome and grandma like dinner and then we would watch "Dallas".  It was what we did and if ratings are to be believed it was what most people did.  As a kid, I remember I liked Bobby best, he was the nice one.  Of course, now that I'm grown I understand the appeal of JR so much more.  I wonder why I can't like the nice boys now?  Funnily enough, I don't remember my grandma ever saying which one she liked best, but I can guess.  Once the show was over, I would go to sleep in a house that somehow felt warmer and safer and which was most definitely calmer, certain to wake up to the most awesome Saturday breakfasts ever!  We're talking cheese in the scrambled eggs good!

The immediateness of this memory got me thinking about memories and what triggers them. Admittedly this one was a bit random, but having lost a handful of loved ones over recent years I'm beginning to thing that is how memories, especially of loved ones work.  Its a song, a smell, a certain food or quote, a holiday, or the random moment when something hits a bit too hard and you wish you could talk to that particular loved one about it.  Often times, these memories take your equilibrium for a bit.  For me personally though, I am grateful for them.

So, Mr Hagman, I wish you peace and rest. A generation thanks you for the drama and I thank you for the reminder of peace in the midst of the storm .

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Remember what I said about the absurd

I endeavor for this blog to tell the truth....for now its just my truth, but I hope it brings light to some things.  Today's post will not.

Remember, when I said my life was sprinkled with the absurd?  Case in point, yesterday I'm waiting at the bus stop to go home and a bird poops right on me....yep, splat right on my jeans.  There's nothing but absurdity to this.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Adventures

So, Its time again for yet another change in my life.  I've been thinking about doing this blog for some time now.  I find myself with so spare time now so I thought why not.  I'm not quite sure what its going to be just yet, except that it is going to be about my life.  The things I love and the things I don't.  Its going to be be funny and sad and since its my life, I'm sure it'll have good measure of the ironic and absurd!

I hope that its honest and serves to tell my unique truth.  I hope it brings somethings to light and makes you laugh.  Mostly I hope that at some point something will touch your heart.