Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bus Stop Manners!

Yesterday evening at the bus stop an older lady asked me, “Should we go ahead of you on the bus?”  As in she actually asked me.

Words out of my mouth: “Sure, go ahead. He seems to be letting everyone else on first.”

Thought in my head:  “Why yes. Please. Absolutely! It’s always so polite when people step in front of the girl in the wheelchair just to get on the bus first.” (Insert heavy sarcasm)

Real Truth: It is NEVER okay to step in front of a disabled person just to get on the bus first. Especially when you are “able bodied”.  In fact, its rude, self absorbed and just plain tacky, the kind of thing Karma tends to pay people back for.

Truth in Law: if you are a disabled person using public transit the ADA states that you are allowed to i.e. suppose to go first. J  Just please don’t be rude about it yourself. No one likes a bitchy, chip on their shoulder person!
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