Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Favorite: Don't mess with OPI

Green is my favorite color, Christmas my favorite holiday, and nail polish is one of my favorite things.  Sometimes, something as simple as a new nail polish can change your whole mood.

I love this color! I'm worn it twice already, once for St. Patrick's Day (my 2nd favorite holiday) and then again for Baylor homecoming in November. I'm sure it'll make an appearance for christmas too.

I'm kind of obsessed with nail polishes! I don't kave a huge collection, but I do have bi weekly appointments and I studt uo on the colors and trends. (I love the names) So, the fact that a shade gets worn more than once means its kind of awesome!

Don't mess with OPI will definitely make it into my collection. So find some colors you love, and remember to rock them while you're glossy and on the go!

Today's Lip: Sephora's The Red

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