Thursday, December 6, 2012

Monday Musings

My random thoughts on random things for this week.

Texas weather is crazy!

Christmas makes me both extremely happy and recently a bit melancholy as well.

Smoking is disgusting and ultimately selfish too.

Cancer is a bitch! It separates loved ones far too soon.

American football is boring…simples

Make sure you have at least one friend who is your friend even though, no one, yourself included, understands why.

If a trip to Starbucks can’t make you feel better about it….it could be a real problem!

People are funny…mostly in that are you serious kind of way!

Dear “K” family, American kids have enough trouble spelling. Spelling everything with a “K” is not helping.

Believe in something…anything…that’s bigger, more important, and longer lasting then yourself.

Today’s Lip: Maybelline Berry slippery with MAC Viva Glam V.

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